Sunday, March 12, 2006

bono the enigma: March 2006

bono the enigma

Bono the Enigma

The above link contains the full interview of which i am posting a segment .
Before i do though i just want to say that i had seen that recent Bono in conversation interview quoted before and his explaination of grace to me seemed to indicate someone who has an understanding and experience of salvation . I am posting this segment of this interview to show how confusing and cotradictory an individual he is when voicing his opinions . perhaps his opinion has changed since this interview but as yet he has never gone back on a word of it to my knowlege .
you make your own mind up here it is and by the way check out the full text to see i am noy miss quoting .

{Quote begins below}
Do you still believe that Jesus is the way? Doesn't that biblical injunction deny that followers of other religions can enter paradise?

I don't accept that. I don't accept that fundamentalist concept. I believe, what is it? "The way is as narrow as the eye of the needle," and all that. But I think that's just to keep the fundamentalists out.... (laughs)

I never really accepted the whole "born again" tag. It's a great term, had it not been so abused. I accepted it on one level, in that I loved the idea of being reborn.... I think people should be reborn every day, man! You know, every day again and again and again! At 20 years old, this idea of "surrender every day," this idea of "dying to oneself" ... was so exciting! Then I came to America in 1981, the land of milk and the .357 Magnum. It blew my mind that this word "reborn" meant nothing.

What do you think of Prince's brand of salacious Christianity, which says that brilliant sex lights the way to paradise?

I just believe that Prince believes the same thing I do: that God is sex as well as love.

So you feel, when you listen to a Prince album, that you guys are singing the same gospel?

I feel very close to Prince, closer than you might think.

Closer than I would think, in that he's considered sex-crazed, while critics regularly describe U2 as nearly sexless.

I'm deeply insulted to hear you say that, and shocked, and mesmerized. I don't think they could have been to too many U2 shows. You'd have to ask our audience. This may be one of those cliches from the critical community who generally themselves are completely sexless. You can't f..k people with your head, or may

Do you like being intoxicated?

(Raises a finger) 'Tis better to be drunk on the spirit; however, a bottle of Jack Daniel's is sometimes handier

U2 doesn't seem to tackle the kind of politics that might truly trouble or alienate their fans. In the film you go on about apartheid and then ask, "Am I bugging you?" just about everyone in the US is opposed to apartheid. Yet you never speak out on issues like abortion, Israel and the Palestinians, the death penalty, AIDS, gay rights. Let's talk about some of those. How do you feel, for instance, about abortion?

I just have my own ideas. I believe that it's a woman's right to choose. Absolutely.

Have you ever talked about that in concert? Or in any context?


{end of quotation}

Now just let me say that i am not saying Bono is not a believer but i am just posting the above to prove something . i am trying to show that people who criticise bono are not judgemental biggots just looking for an opportunity to bring him down and ignore the good stuff . as you can see from the quote Christians have sound reasons to be confused about the enigma called bono .